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Male puppy available.  ready to go July 20th 

Located COBOURG ,ONTARIO , Formally HASTINGS , ONTARIO,  HOLLOWSHOT BORDER COLLIES are great dogs to own and love. 

My loyal customers who have bought a Border Collie Puppy from me in the past will think of  me in Hastings, however, although I have now moved to Cobourg, I will still have Border Collie Puppies for sale in Ontario.

Border Collies have been my love and passion all my life and I try to produce dogs that will be good all round dogs , in the home and in the field , no matter what you are doing they will be at your side to help and enjoy.

Hollowshot Border Collies strive to produce Border Collie Puppies that not  only are they  great pets but dogs that have good structure,  
health and great  temperament. Over the last 40 odd years (not sure I should reveal the odd!)
I have produced dogs that have won in all fields of competition. 

My dogs and I  live on a farm and as such we have plenty of room for exercise. This is a daily schedule and we roam the fields morning and night. They have good noses to track any animal that has passed through in the night and lots of energy to run off. I firmly believe a fit dog is a much healthier dog.

Not all of them have the same qualities and so I choose what would suit each one, being for SHOW CONFORMATION, OBEDIENCE , or SHEEP HERDING. Some are really just my pets and when selling border collie puppies  take this into consideration what would suit each prospective owner. 

My Border Collie Puppies also have plenty of room and once weaned in the summer spend a lot of outside time in a safe puppy run. This helps them to develop there muscles and co-ordination with the toys and obstacles that are available to them . In winter and rainy days they have large pens inside the heated kennel with the same opportunities for them to play and socialize.

My breeding dogs are health tested DNA with Health Gene and O.F.A for clearances on Hips and Elbows

 Obedience trials were the first competitions that I competed in. Susie was my first dog I had ever owned and of course she was a Border Collie , my favorite dog right from when I was a child and I have never owned any other breed of dog ever since. Susie was not registered as the kennel club at that time did not recognise Border Collies as a purebred dog.

 I went on to do agility with my next Border Collie as this was more fun! It gave Nell more to think about and react on the move. She loved it and it kept me fit. 
    Then when I came to Canada and had the sheep farm tried my hand  at sheepdog trialing and my best success was winning  with Fleck  He was a wonderful boy and put up with my commands that I often got wrong, he know more than me !
             I have always have shown in the show ring and have bred multiple show Champions in the USA and  Canada . One of my biggest success' was breeding Hollowshot's A Twist of Fate  who won the Top Twenty Border Collies of American at the Border Collie Specialty.


A BORDER COLLIE PUPPY is smart, active and willing to learn. and can become a very rewarding companion.They make great pets for active families ,and are used in agility, obedience, trails and conformation, a  good all round medium dog. When breeding I keep in mind that the pups will have a good on/off trait which is desired in my dogs   
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Owning a BORDER COLLIE has to be given a lot of thought before your commitment.

Things that have to be considered first is your lifestyle . Any dog should not be left alone all day while you are at work. Dogs are social animals and if left for long periods of time can develop behaviors that are not desirable. They can become destructive,fearful or shy. 

Most problems start as puppies . They need to be socialized with people ,children and other dogs. It is not a given that all dogs like each other  - a big mistake. When socializing with other dogs the puppies can quickly sense aggression even if the other dog is the same size . Big dogs can be intimidating, but most big dogs are gentle  but do not take anything for granted, a bad scare can effect your puppy for a long time.  Your puppy should learn how to greet other dogs with respect, do not let them jump all over them, this is not acceptable and they may not like it! They should have friends and love to play and this is fine when you know the other dogs .

Puppies grow into dogs and bad behaviors that they learn quickly as puppies so not go away just because they have gown into a mature dog. This is one of the most common mistakes owners make as puppies are cute and get away with a lot! So, decide what you want , is the couch off limits? Can he roam the house or restricted to downstairs only ? Where do you play with the puppy , throwing a ball in the house when he is bigger is not always a good idea! Outside for play and indoors for resting on his bed and chewing his bone or  playing quietly with his toys.  

Do take your puppy with you as much as you can, riding in the car should start straight away. Some travel well right from the start other get motion sickness. Short trips in the car can take care of this and the car a fun place to be. Perhaps feed in the car without it moving and he will associate the car with good experiences , then you can start the engine without going anywhere. Progress then to short trips out and get back before he has a chance to start drooling. Most dogs love car rides and will be the first to jump in.

Having got your pup used to the car the next step is to take him to different situations. Make sure you have complete all your vaccinations. Check this out with your veterinary and plan to discuss future health care.

Now you are ready to go out with your puppy and lead training is a must. He should learn to walk at your side with no pulling and leaning into his collar. When on a lead he behaves , running and playing are for off lead. There should be plenty of off lead exercise as Border  Collies love to run and play.

A Border Collie was originally bred for herding sheep and this gene is still very strong in them . You will notice they even watch their ball in the typical sheep dog pose! Because they are a smart breed it is a good idea to engage them in some activity that they have to think about. This could be sports like agility, flyball or disc . They love the interaction and working with you . Long walks they love , so many smells and things to investigate and perhaps chasing the squirrels!

Please contact on the contact page or e mail or phone , lots of ways to see when I have Border Collie Puppies for sale





Women and a border collie in front of sign

Gr CH Hollowshot's A Twist of Fate 2017 winner of the top 20 in American .

Black and white border collie puppy

Hollowshot Molly

Ch Hollowshot Twist of Fate at Westminster