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                                                       Puppy Purchase Agreement


Your puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club on a limited registration which means non breeding.

You will receive your registration papers once your puppy has been spayed /neutered which should be done  around 9 - 10 months of age Please send or scan a copy of the procedure once it has been done to receive your A.K.C. papers. You may register any name that you choose for the puppy with the A.K.C. 

Should this not be done within a year or no papers will be issued. However should there be any reason for this being delayed please contact me so we can discuss. 

Your puppy comes with a one month free insurance with Trupanion. I do recommend that you take full advantage of this offer.

Your puppy is guaranteed against the following diseases as they are clear by DNA tested Parentage.  CEA.DH, IGS.MDR1.NCL5.SN.TNS 

I do my best to prevent Coccidia and Giardia but your puppy is not guaranteed against this.

I guarantee the puppy for the first year but my only liability is to the value of the purchase price.   

Age sensitive vaccinations are required , please consult your own veterinarian for general health and vaccination program. Puppies are dewormed with Strongid T at 3and 5 weeks and Safeguard at 7 weeks of age. Regular de worming as puppies is recommended  as eggs can still hatch and develop 

Should unforeseeable circumstances happen and you are no longer able to keep your puppy/dog please contact me and I will take the dog back or we can work together to find it a suitable home. 

I am always available to help with any questions not covered by this agreement