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Hollowshot Border Collies Testimonials

Border collie jumping to catch a blue frisbee

Hollowshot Nifty otherwise known as Floss. Owned and loved by Don and Kathy competing in disc dog and loving it and very successful too .

HI Maxine

We just LOVE our female puppy, that we were fortunate to get from you. She is so kind and gentle. Skye is house trained, kennel trained, knows the words "sit"Off" "No" "Skye" Come" and treat" and she has been sleeping through the night(8 Hours) for over a month now. She isn't even 4 months old yet. She just loves people -all shapes and sizes- and is open to meeting and playing with the other dogs that are friendly with bouncy puppies. She doesn't chew too much, and the big "Scooby Do" seems to be one of her buddies she plays with. She likes Scooby's ears, is gentle with them and keeps them in good shape. She is such a good girl. She loves sitting outside on the deck and watch what is going on out there. We back onto a drainage pond (lots of geese. ducks and birds ) so thereis a lot for her watch.

Skye is such a proud dog , and walks with a confident air. We are always getting compliments on what a calm and pretty puppy she is and that she seems always smiling and happy. We tell them about Hollowshot. Skye is such a love, especially in the morning when we get her out of her kennel - we get some sweet little paws on our face , followed by kisses. She is such a sweet treat to wake up to.

Thank you so much Maxine for breeding such a wonderful girl. It is pretty much as you said- just love her.

An Easy Job

Teresa and Gord

Border collie walking next to tennis court

Birthday girl Jolene in P.E.I. A happy healthy and brilliant pup . Wendy and Jeff

Hello Maxine, I thought I would give you an update on Daisy. She had a good summer and made many friends at our trailer. Human and canine . lol We started her on obedience classes. She is very smart of course (lol)but we just want her to learn all that we can't teach her. We are so thrilled and love her to death.She makes us laugh. Take care Joyce , Bob and Daisy.

Hi Maxine. Just wanted to send you a pic of "Pearl" and let you know she has settled in nicely. She is herding the cats and being sassy at puppy class. Everything is coming along nicely with her and we just couldn't be happier. She is a great. Thanks so much for this beautiful pup Andy

Hi Maxine,  I wanted to share a picture of our girl Annie,  ( the pup with the" s "on her back) born on March 7th. 
We absolutely adore her, she is incredibly smart and the top  of her class and most importantly soooo loving. 
The instructors have already asked how far I am going to go with her because she is so mature for her age and quick to learn, a bit of bragging on part. 
I just wanted to thank you again, for this wonderful girl, she is a perfect addition to our family. 
All the best to you.